Hi, my name is Predrag Mladenovic. I’m currently based in Belgrade, Serbia.  Photography, videography and graphic design are my greatest passions. Of course, images that you can see on this web site are the best to describe my work, but here is what others have said about it:

He began his career as drawing and painting artist. Since the beginning of his photo adventure back in 1995. and hand processing b/w films and photos, Predrag constantly widens his knowledge and experience of different types of photography. He worked for many prestigious companies as commercial photographer and graphic designer. In the artistic field, focus of his interests is on portrait, landscape, as well as collage and conceptual photography.

His works are published in numerous domestic and international newspapers and journals, French magazine Foto among others. He is a lecturer of theory and technology of art photography. Furthermore, as a regular collaborator, he is engaged on the International Comics Festival project of Student Cultural Center Belgrade as a photographer and graphic designer. Clients include event managers, PR agencies, charities, international corporations of all sizes.

Predrag has been working as a photographer and videographer on cruise ships for Royal Caribbean and Holland-America companies, and visited more then 26 countries in Europe and North America.

We don’t actually see objects—we see light that is being reflected off of the objects.
How our brain perceives that reflection determines what we see.

Don Miguel Ruiz